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Residential building  Sofia Sky
Chiflishka Str.
Completion date: 2009-06-01

Visits: 14147
date of update: 2010-04-06
Residential building  Belle Valley
Developer NIKMI
next to the monument Kambanite
Completion date: 2009-06-30

Visits: 17304
date of update: 2010-03-30
Residential building  Linea rossa residence
Developer Mildex project
14 Botko Voyvoda Str.
Completion date: 2010-06-01

Visits: 8352
date of update: 2010-03-29
Residential building  Residential building
Developer KStroy
3-5 Sedianka Str.
Completion date: 2009-12-31

Visits: 6833
date of update: 2010-03-19