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Residential building  
Completion date: not available

Visits: 13366
date of update: 2015-07-08
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Residential building  Residential complex MonteBoyana
Developer Lux Invest Ltd.
75G Kumata str.
Completion date: 2012-06-01

Visits: 7725
date of update: 2013-02-13
Residential building Specialized building  St Anna Housing Estate
Bulgaria Blvd.
Completion date: not available

Visits: 10321
date of update: 2010-04-23
Residential building  Land Mark Buildings - Boyana
at the corner of Prohlada Srt. and Gramos Str.
Completion date: 2009-03-31

Visits: 12113
date of update: 2010-04-12