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Residential building Commercial/Retail building  Land Mark Buildings - Park & SPA
Mogilata Str.
Completion date: 2012-03-31

Visits: 22350
date of update: 2012-05-18
Residential building  Residential building
36 Simeonovsko shose Blvd.
Completion date: not available

Visits: 12593
date of update: 2011-11-25
Residential building Commercial/Retail building  Cite Jardin Complex
Developer Filto - S
near Simeonovsko shose Blvd.
Completion date: 2011-12-31

Visits: 13651
date of update: 2010-05-10
Residential building Office building  Chocolate
Developer Helitrans
Hydroelectric power-station Simeonovo area
Completion date: 2009-08-17

Visits: 8047
date of update: 2010-04-30